Eastcasting Co., Ltd is a limited China bronze foging manufacturer dealing with technique, manufacture and trade, we supply metal product mainly. All the products are controlled in accordance with the requirements of ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS and GB, also we work closely with our customers designing dies that will consistently produce quality parts. Our OEM bronze fogings are mainly used in the fields in water system, industrial machinery, vehicle and ship, architectural engineering and decoration etc. We have quality policy system that is registered to the ISO9000:2000 standard.
bronze foging
Product Name: Piping Fitting
Place of Origin: Zhejiang
Trademark: OEM
Min. Order: 1000/PCS
Delivery Date: 60-90 days
Productivity: as per customer
Packing: sea delivery package
Transportation: by sea / by air
Specifications: brass
Function: Valve & Piping fitting
Payment Type: T/T & L/C
Patent Right: None
Certificates: ISO9001
Export Markets: North America & Europe
Cooperation Company: Many

Eastcasting specializes in custom forging parts according to customers' requirement, providing everything from preliminary design to final inspection,every manufacturing function is expertly controlled by our experienced manufacturing toolmakers.The material for forging parts can be carbon steel,steel alloy,stainless steel,aluminum alloy or brass,and the part weight can range from 0.2kg to 20kg.

* Main Facilities:die forging pressings of 100T,300T,630T,1000T,1500T,2500T

* Surface Finish:sand blaster,zinc coating,hot-dip galvanicy,power coating,chrome coating,dacro coating,polishing

The major products manufactured by East Forging Foundry Branch. It has various kinds of open die forging ,closed-die forging made of carbon steel,stainless steel ,aluminium,brass and stamping welding parts etc. It has ability to undertake the machining of various forging and die manufacturing,realizing an organic whole of casting-forging-machining. The products are widely used in the fields of bridge building,shipbuilding,petroleum industry,power industry,port machinery,engineering machinery ect.

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